Mobile Apps Wiz Optimizes Your Website to Fit on All Mobile Devices.

When Customers Look at Your Site on Mobile, What Do They See?

Desktop Website, Non Mobile Friendly Website, and Mobile Friendly Website

We create and develop awesome mobile websites and mobile apps that will help you convert website visitors to customers 5-10 times faster.

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How Does Your Website Look on a Smart Phone?

*Request a FREE MOBILE APP DEMO  and let us show you how we can transform your current website into an incredible marketing tool to reach the massive and exploding market of mobile users who want to reach your site via a mobile device?

Why not provide your mobile visitors with the ultimate viewing experience?

Revolutionize your mobile marketing presence with our professional design and development of your mobile website.

Why Everyone Should Have a Mobile Website:

Mobile-friendly web sites really do benefit your customers, and in turn your business. Mobile sites produce an average 78% higher rate of engagement (revenue, page views, etc.) per visit for mobile users.

Mobile web use is exploding.  By 2015, more Americans will access the web via mobile than desktop. Building a mobile-friendly site is essential for businesses to prepare for the mobile movement.

Users take action on mobile-friendly sites. 1 in 5 website visits lead to an immediate call to the business.

A mobile website also provides search engine optimization (SEO) advantages that include:

  • Improvement with online visibility and exposure.
  • Increased mobile traffic, conversion and retention of mobile visitors.
  • Reduction in load time

We make it easy for you to have a significant advantage over your online competition with a superior viewing experience for your mobile visitors with a mobile friendly website that literally has every feature imaginable to maximize your success!

Mobile App Wiz has all the features you simply cannot afford not to have to effectively market your website to mobile users:

  • Our Mobile App serves a mobile friendly version of your desktop website with seamless integration.
  • Automatically serves a mobile friendly version to all smart phones and mobile devices (compatible with over 5,000 mobile web devices including iPhones, iPads, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phones, and many more!)
  • You mobile site content Automatically Syncs with your traditional web in REAL TIME so that when changes are made on your desktop website, you mobile site is simultaneously updated.
  • Enjoy TONS of features by integrating Click to Call, Facebook, YouTube, Yelp, SMS Messaging, and a M dot domain just like the fortune 500 companies (ie:, and much more….

Your eye-catching Web App/Mobile Website will appear and function as though you spent thousands of dollars on a custom native app.  Our mobile web applications work on iPhones, Droids, Blackberries and most other phones.

Your customers are mobile.  Is your business mobile too?